All trophies are accessed on the hunt when stag/bull is spotted with client. An estimated score using the sci scoring system is agreed between guide and hunter before the animal is taken.

Note: we have given estimated dates that we believe give the hunter the best chance of securing the trophy of a life time. Late velvet can be an excellent time to secure a trophy as bulls/stags are out in the open grassland trying to put condition on for the upcoming rut. The rut is the pinnacle of the hunting season, the thrill of pulling a bugling bull out of the timber or sneaking in on a bellowing red stag is priceless.

Rates include accommodation and food

Elk/wapiti (February 15th ? May 10th)
300-349 NZD$7000 US$5000
350-399 NZD$10,000 US$7500
400-449 NZD$15,000 US$10,000
Over 450 NZD$20,000 US$15,000

Red stag (February 15th ? April 20th)
300-350 NZD$6000 US$4000
350-370 NZD$8000 US$6000
370-400 NZD$10,000 US$7500

Fallow (March 10th ? April 25th)
170-200 NZD$4000 US$3000
Over 200 NZD$6000 US$4500

Daily Rates
NZD$500 (US$300) per day for a couple/two hunters and guide, food included.
NZD$300 (US$200) per day for one hunter and guide, food included.

3 species: 10% discount (note these hunts will take up to 6 days)
Repeat client: 10% discount

Contact / Booking

We ask that bookings be made as early as possible and confirmed no later than January 10th as prime hunting dates in the peak of the rut are essential to maximising success. Early confirmation secures your spot and early cancelation can be filled by other bookings.

Submit your enquiry to book below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Or contact:
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